The Effortless Outcomes Quest

21 Days To Inner Peace & Prosperity

* We Will Be Using Whatsapp To Interact During the 21 Days & We Promise To  Respect Your Data.

Want to get productive instead of stuck in your head?

Ready to start taking action instead of believing the lies your fears and doubts tell you?

Do you wish you could sleep peacefully through the night instead of letting your mind run in circles about the future?

Do you wish you could “wake up” to a new understanding of reality, possibility and prosperity?

If you can relate, I want you to know that you’re not alone. Most of us use negative self-talk to “prod” ourselves to achieve our businesses and life goals. But in the long run that just causes uncertainty, anxiety, or over-stress. 

You can’t fuel your prosperity with a pessimistic headspace. That’s why you hear about high level executives suffering from burnout all the time. We get so wrapped up in our worries, want to fix everything, make impulsive decisions, and that leads to a lot of regret.

Many of us struggle with the same issue. Believing in “someday” thinking. Meaning… if we hustle, grind and push ourselves more and more we will become worthy of prosperity and inner peace someday.

But the thing is that abundance is always both within and around us, right here right now.

The more we look for and acknowledge the abundance that is already in our lives the more abundance we find, and the easier it is to create the wealth that we want in anything we choose.

Introducing the Effortless Outcomes Quest

I created this 21-day quest to help you feel more effective in your business, more calm through the storm, and more grounded in the richness of your life. 

With new strategies, you can dissolve the blocks to abundance even when it appears to be a challenge and tap into inner-strength you never thought possible. 

By using these same methods, many of my clients found themselves increasing their income, improving their relationships and moving beyond limiting beliefs!

Are You ready to let go and rise to new levels of inner peace and prosperity?

Here’s what we’ll accomplish with our time together:

  • Establish an easy daily practice you can sustain for a lifetime that helps you sustain greater inner peace and prosperity. And your customized practice will be less than 8 minutes so you can fit it into your day.
  • 21 days of showing up for yourself in an extraordinary way to develop the habit of effortless creation in your business and life.
    Our group will be one of your greatest assets for success.


  • Write your “Inspired Intention” that truly aligns with your whole-hearted vision so you can get into right action.
    You don’t want to fall in the traps of wishy-washy goals so I’ll share my best secrets.
  • Co-create a supportive and accountable community to elevate and sustain new habits.
    As an intuitive leader, when you claim the opportunity to give, you simultaneously receive — more inner peace, creativity, and abundance for the highest good. You’ll invite others into your prosperity energy field to ignite the vibe of infinite abundance.
  • Become an intuitive leader who is resilient, fully present, and performing at your best (plus you get the benefit of less perfectionism).
    Even under pressure you’ll have new tools and skills to use anytime, anywhere to own your power.
  • Master release techniques that are similar to guided meditations.
    I’ll take you step-by-step through questions that assist you in letting go based on the Sedona Method.

And you get an opportunity to stretch outside your comfort zone to expand your tenacity and courage.

* We Will Be Using Whatsapp To Interact During the 21 Days & We Promise To  Respect Your Data.

I’ve Been In Your Shoes…

I’m Judi Glova, an intuitive expert, executive coach, and eager accomplice committed to helping professionals expand their power, confidence, and influence where they need it most — from the inside out — even when they’re under pressure.

As a “recovering” over-responsible, type-A-driven, allergic-to-asking-for-help achiever I know it takes courage to go against the grain, to trust your gut, and know when to trust others when you need support. I know the heartache and joy of learning how to bounce back with resilience when business or life throws curveballs, what it takes to harness authentic power where it resides; and how to uncover clarity where it hides. 

My daily practice also gives me experiential knowledge. I not only have proven studies and scientific data, I continuously make tweaks to live with greater consciousness and apply new mindset hacks. As a result, my routine is the foundation to mindfully cultivate a positive attitude, stay laser-focused, and allow abundance into my life without hustling.  Burnout is not necessary!

Soon after I completed my Masters in Spiritual Psychology and I integrated that learning into my life, my clients began to have amazing breakthroughs because I could coach them to let go of what was no longer serving them.

My clients saw results like:

  • Greater clarity and focused on what they want in their business and made it happen – instead of procrastinating or dwelling on scarcity
  • Improved their resilience to respond to stress or conflict more effectively – even under pressure
  • Created more prosperity because they opened up to the flow instead of contracting into overwhelm, burnout or blame.
  • Broke free of procrastination by releasing resistance and perfectionism rather than pushing harder
  • Took smart risks to grow their bottom line because they raised their sense of courage, freedom, and certainty based on a solid daily practice.
  • Supercharged their self-confidence and intuition resulting in better decisions to pursue niche business development verticals.
  • Took center stage to be influential because they released fears rather than tolerating limitations of the imposter syndrome.


“Judi will challenge you, elevate your career, and lift you up as a human being. Through my work with Judi, I have noticed dramatic changes in my life. I am truly a better businesswoman and person.

Julianna Jacobs

Senior Manager, Fortune 100 company

“Judi is an exceptional coach to work with. Over the past years Judi has given me invaluable insights into corporate management situations. I really love working with Judi not only as an executive coach, but also the warm person that she is. As an executive coach, Judi earns my highest recommendation.

Dr. Jan Urbahn

Legal, Senior Manager Safety & Compliance at Lyft, Lyft

“Judi has been a fantastic cheerleader for me when I needed it, pushed me to dream and accomplish more than I expected of myself. She has a whole-person approach that reinforces that good leadership starts from within and influences how you show up. I highly recommend Judi as a personal/professional coach if you're ready to be held accountable and grow!"  

Carrie Neumann

Senior Director Field Diversity & Inclusion/Leadership Development, Northwestern Mutual

“Judi helped me – both professionally and personally - identify my blind spots, she helped to reveal the areas in my belief systems that had long-held me hostage in their grip. She helped me find the courage to acknowledge and accept all of who I am – and to allow myself to consider all that I am capable of accomplishing. I don’t know how she does it – but I’m certainly glad she does, because it works. Judi’s adept and thoughtful coaching made it – by far – the most efficacious personal and professional development gift I could have ever given myself."


Vice President, Human Resources & Co-Chief Diversity Officer , OUTFRONT Media

“Judi sees and brings out the personal best in anyone. What I personally appreciate and continue to gain from her is the ability to 'wake me up' to the root of an issue, quickly see it, and set boundaries for myself vs others - and this is through a lens of compassion and integrity."

Beth Newman

Account Group Director at BBH Group, OUTFRONT Media

Are You ready to let go and rise to new levels of inner peace and prosperity?

Here’s the details on exactly when, what & how…

This is so easy. 


  • The quest runs For 21 Days – starting Monday. 
  • On Sunday you receive the Welcome email and intro video you can review in 15 minutes.
  • All you need is the app, Whatsapp, on your smartphone. It’s free and super easy to use.
  • Each morning, in our private Whatsapp group,  you’ll receive a daily video, meditation, and tasks that take approximately 10 minutes to complete. Then track your progress in the group as well.
  • Plus, dedicate a journal or whatever it is that you like to write notes with.

I really hope you will join me for this unique opportunity

I do want to mention that this program is best suited for business professionals, leaders, and seasoned entrepreneurs whose problem is not success — it’s the overwhelm and over-responsibility that stresses you out so we don’t recommend it for new starters.

Being accountable to show up for yourself 10 minutes per day for 21 days is the baseline requirement, because unless you commit, there are only promises and hopes — not a plan.

Breaking free from procrastination. Ending stagnation. Letting go of self-doubt. And, being fully present and performing at your best. There’s so much to gain!

Join me in this 21 Day Quest To Inner Peace & Prosperity where I’ll share with you three of the biggest secrets that WORK when becoming an intuitive leader and what doesn’t.

* We Will Be Using Whatsapp To Interact During the 21 Days & We Promise To  Respect Your Data.