What does it take to pivot in business? Intuitive leaders know when it comes to making a pivot — it’s an inside out job. For this to happen, internal shifts need to happen first. That means there’s a time to: 

  1. Pause for clarity
  2. Plan
  3. Pivot

Whether it’s a corporate office turning from an in-person model to a remote work environment or a restaurant chain that suddenly finds itself needing to transition into an outdoor cafe or curbside pickup model, more and more business leaders are finding that it is necessary for them to pivot their business model in order to navigate this global shift. With the right tools and preparation, you can pivot your business in the middle of a pandemic and you have to. That’s why from mindset to letting go of what is not serving you, we’re going to talk in-depth about the three most important shifts that need to be made to pivot your business successfully.


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