I’m Judi Glova and for 15 years I’ve used my background in coaching and Applied Psychology to help executives heal from burnout for good… and live their best and most purposeful life.  My coaching approach creates a safe space for you to let down your “I have it all together persona” and just be who you ARE.

Working together you’ll feel understood, seen, heard, respected, stretched, elevated, and acknowledged.  I was once an unhappy, people-pleasing, and burned out executive too — until I discovered the root cause of my pain and learned how to heal myself from the inside out.

And that’s what is here for you too.

In 1999, I was living THE life. I had worked my way up to Director at a huge international Fortune 500 corporation. I had it all, the six-figure salary, fancy car, and my dream man at my side.

Daily, my boss kept piling more and more on me because I was known to get stuff done!  Being a people-pleaser, I just kept saying YES, never knowing how to say no. I worked 14 hours a day just to keep up… and guess what…

I became an easily irritated and burnout executive.
Stressed out.

To top it off, my relationship with prince charming unraveled into a nightmare.

To say I had hit rock bottom is an understatement.

Then one day, I parked the Audi in the garage and crawled straight into bed at 7 pm sobbing uncontrollably – snot, tears, and mascara smothering my pillow. I felt completely raw, lost, exhausted, and hopeless. Everything was coming to a head. I wondered, “How the hell did I get HERE?” I knew something MUST change but I had no idea what.

Can you relate?

Knowing I desperately needed a career change, I took a HUGE leap of FAITH and quit my cushy corporate job to start MY OWN executive coaching business to really add value where it was needed most.

Thanks to some hard work, focus and trust, my business took off as I helped clients transform their lives.

Business was good.  And… I still knew there was more healing to be had.  I wanted to finally experience a true sense of self-worth. I wanted to feel that God had my back.

So, I kept digging and completed a master’s degree program in applied psychology.
As I did my own “work”, I found the root cause of my “why”.

WHY I had financial success yet I was deeply unhappy and burnt out.  WHY painful problems kept showing up in my life, relationships and at work.  My WHY stemmed from a deep need to please everyone, I had issues with control, trust and the deep feeling of unworthiness.

I discovered that in order for me to have lasting change I needed to break these old, false belief systems that I created in my childhood to survive.  Survive days like the day I came home from school to find my mom had left me a note on the kitchen counter saying she was gone — leaving me in an abusive environment.

I learned I had to stand in my power as the woman I KNOW I am, learn to say NO when I needed to and BEGAN to truly love myself by trusting and honoring my own value. And guess what? I’ve never been happier.

It took me years to discover that I am more than enough.  Just as I am.  I know that about you too.

Now, I’ve dedicated my life to helping other women finally break free from burnout by healing it at the root cause for lasting change.

After going through all of this… what I know for sure is this…

The old way is… Many amazing women, like you, drank the Kool-aide so you believe work-life balance is actually possible and chase it. Plus, you try to convince others you can play like a man in a man’s world. As result, you end up working 65 hours a week, can’t say “no” and lose yourself trying to please everyone around you – which sucks you into a spin of burnout, guilt, anger and resentment.

I believe… That vicious cycle is also like chasing a rainbow and expecting a pot of gold — high-achieving businesswomen (like you) are seeking true fulfillment of being, having and doing ENOUGH from somewhere or someone else rather than where it resides – within you.

The way forward… lies in deeply owning your value, no longer proving your worth. Living your life fully with AWARENESS, ACCOUNTABILITY, AUTHENTICITY, ALIGNMENT and AFFLUENCE. It requires a set of personal practices, commitments and investments that build your ability to stop people pleasing, set and keep strong boundaries, and live powerfully from the inside out.

I believe… You are that pot of gold – More Than Enough – you don’t need to chase it — you just need to remember where to find it.

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