The rise of the intuitive leader is now. And If you are feeling called to own your intuitive abilities and to stand up for yourself as well as others not only in your business community but also in your boardroom.

Then this is where you are meant to be.

I have a program called, the INTUITIVE LEADER that’s designed to harness your innate business wisdom on a daily basis so you can achieve conscious confidence, powerful discernment, and more effective influence because you are not only a trailblazer in business but a bricklayer for the path of women and men behind you.

When we work together you tap into that powerful, effective, inner leader people respond too. You learn how to stop being ruled by fear and be more in charge of your path forward. You no longer wait for “someday” to OWN the success you’ve achieved

I got into this line of work out of necessity –
because I needed to change my own life

Judi has been a fantastic cheerleader for me when I needed it, pushed me to dream and accomplish more than I expected of myself, has a strategic, growth perspective AND can also break strategies into bite-size, accomplishable steps. She has a whole-person approach that reinforces that good leadership starts from within and influences how you show up. Her ability to pivot in the moment and bring different perspectives & tools based on where you are that day is amazing. I highly recommend Judi as a personal/professional coach if you’re ready to be held accountable and grow!

Carrie Neumann

Senior Director Field Diversity & Inclusion/Leadership Development at Northwestern Mutual

Hi, I’m Judi Glova.
For more than 15 years I’ve been a speaker, trainer and executive coach.

I help leaders and entrepreneurs to become intuitive, influential leaders of change. Together we co-create powerful outcomes through savvy & mindful communication, strategic agility, confident decision-making and positive conflict resolution training and coaching.

These strategies inspire my clients to be more effective leaders who are aligned and motivated to make an impact and create outcomes greater than themselves, while simultaneously achieving their business and personal objectives.

Unlocking this essential level of influence allows you to tap into your unshakeable belief in their own personal potential. Additionally, it provides an understanding into your ability to operate at a higher state of consciousness and to define success on your own terms. All of this is deep within us but, we have been taught to hide it for years.

My Mission

Now, I’ve dedicated my life to helping other high-achieving professionals tune into their intuition in business and leadership.


The old way is… amazing businesswomen and men, like you, drank the Kool-aide so you believe being the heroic-problem-solving leader is actually possible and you chase it. Plus, you try to convince others that just about any decision or problem can be solved by over-thinking, logic, facts and graphs rather than your inner knowing and team alignment. As result, you end up working 65 hours a week, can’t say “no” and lose yourself trying to please everyone around you – which sucks you into a spin of burnout, guilt, frustration, and resentment.

I believe… that vicious cycle is also like chasing a rainbow and expecting a pot of gold — high-achieving business leaders (like you) are seeking executive presence, confident decision-making, inclusivity, and a strong inner knowing of being, having and doing enough from somewhere or someone else rather than where it resides – within you.

The way forward… lies in trusting your intuition, deeply owning your value, no longer proving your worth. Lead your business and career with CLARITY, OWNERSHIP, RESILIENCE and the ability to ELEVATE your intuitive leadership. It requires a core set of personal practices, commitments and investments that build your ability to trust yourself, stop people pleasing, set and keep strong boundaries, and live powerfully from the inside out.

I believe… YOU are that pot of gold — you don’t need to chase it — you just need to remember where to find it — WITHIN YOU!

Allow me to help you remember where to find your pot of gold.

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