This week’s MORE THAN ENOUGH Monday Mindset theme is …  AGILITY!

When was the last time you were you saying, “Shift happens!”???

Maybe it was…

  • a pivot in your business?
  • a huge strategic shift?
  • an up-leveling, re-focusing and re-prioritizing?

The other day, my client, Rose, who’s also going through ALL of those, emailed to say:

“Something’s got to give. NOT KNOWING what to do next really sucks.  AND I always try to push through my fear of the unknown and GET BUSY – like somehow my brain tells me that doing a bunch of stuff will make me feel more in control.  BUT IT DOESN’T.  It makes me more anxious.  Let’s figure this out.”

I share this with you because, uncertainty is difficult but anxiety doesn’t help.

But having AGILITY does!!!

Jeez, don’t you wish you had an AGILITY ROADMAP for those times in your life?

Watch the video I created for you:  CLICK HERE.

There are THREE phases

And the FIRST one is super hard for most of us.

It’s called … The Void… that’s the place of ambiguity, uncertainty and pure possibility.

You know things are falling apart but this new territory is unknown.

Check out the full AGILITY ROADMAP in this video so you can have one of the greatest advantages in business and life.

Here’s the link: