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  • Say ‘no’ without feeling guilty at work and in your personal life
  • Set and keep clear boundaries that feel good to you
  • Stop people-pleasing so you can own your power & be seen, heard and respected
  • Leverage the prescription I give you to shift from burnout to fired up

Who Created This Awesome Assessment, You Ask?

I’m Judi Glova and for 15 years I’ve used my background in coaching and Applied Psychology
to help female executives heal from burnout for good… and live their best and most purposeful lives.

My coaching approach creates a safe space for you to
let down your “I have it all together persona” and just be who you ARE.
Working together you’ll feel understood, seen, heard, respected, stretched, elevated, and acknowledged.

I was once an unhappy, people-pleasing, and burned out executive too — until I discovered the root cause of my pain and learned how to heal myself from the inside out.
And that’s what is here for you too.

Imagine having the ability to uncover and eliminate
the roadblocks in your way!

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It’s only 7 quick questions.

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