During a crisis you need to build resilience. We are going through unprecedented times as COVID-19 has brought much of society to a halt, making life increasingly difficult, and unpredictable. So, how do you move forward in a time of crisis and uncertainty? In this video you’re going to gain 5 new strategies for building resilience while coping with coronavirus. 

And we need to ensure we have reservoirs of strength when hard things happen, That’s how you build resilience. Well, hard things are happening now. And there’s no better time to cultivate the 5 reservoirs of resilience: 

1. Social resilience

2. Physical resilience

3. Emotional resilience

4. Mental resilience

5. Spiritual resilience

Most importantly, creating a daily practice of resilience habits is critical now and as you move ahead to maintain your edge as a leader. These strategies will also support you as you stabilize your business, modify how you work, and create a high performing team.

Here are two Kundalini meditations to help build your mental resilience

  1. Calm Your Mind  CLICK HERE
  2. Open Your Heart  CLICK HERE

What challenges are you going through right now? Let’s talk.