Today, we will build your personal brand as you tap into your inner wisdom as an Intuitive Leader. End the struggle to own your power and break the mental chatter that feeds the imposter syndrome. Learn how to tap into your inner knowing and become the leader you admire. Then you will to learn self-reflection, being in the NOW and the CORE 4 strategies of intuitive leadership.

Our interview highlights are below:

  • Why being YOU is your superpower
  • What is intuition and how can you tap into it? (10:30)
  • Fear & ego vs intuition & inner strength
  • How to overcome your ego and stop comparing yourself (12:40)
  • Exercise to achieve conscious awareness (16:00)
  • Overcoming negative emotions (fear, worry, stress, overwhelm)
  • Intuitive leadership: how to practice it
  • The CORE 4 Principles (19:30)
  • Practical routines to become an intuitive leader (23:00)
  • Building your authentic Personal Brand
  • How to truly connect with people (29:30)
  • Make your journey easier

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WAIT! Before you go, answer my question: What is the biggest takeaway you got from this interview? LMK