We Are Discussing the Benefits of Being Inclusive at Work

When it comes to the business benefits of being inclusive at work it used to be sufficient to cite indirect benefits of diversity and inclusion.  Examples include things like: an expansion of the recruiting pool, or an improved culture for the company. Direct financial benefits weren’t needed to justify diversity and inclusion initiatives. However, now there are studies that show that they do. 

And my guest, Kimberly Thompson, an expert in global Diversity & Inclusion for over 20 years, is going to help you take a deeper dive into the indirect and direct business benefits. We talk about your personal brand and the impact of unconscious bias. Through stories, research-based examples, and engaging conversation, Kimberly shares her best leadership advice with you! You’re not going to want to miss a minute.

That’s why I’m so grateful I get to share this with you.


  • 00:00 – 00:53  Intro
  • 00:54 – 04:04  The landscape has changed because there is a majority minority and building diverse business relationships is even more important for leaders like you
  • 04:04 – 05:49  Understanding the significant ROI (return on investment) for having diverse and inclusive teams in organizations
  • 05:50 – 06:12  The trickle down effect of inclusion
  • 06:13 – 07:21  How to create that safe space at work
  • 07:22 – 10:37  What’s the research saying…  about ROI? about recruiting? about innovation?
  • 10:38 – 11:06  How much diversity and inclusion is reflected in the organization’s Board? Senior leadership?
  • 11:07 – 16:17  How can you be proactive within an organization to support inclusivity?
  • 16:18  – 17:13  When inclusivity impacts your Personal Brand
  • 17:14 – 20:54  The real value of inclusion: A Success Story
  • 20:55 – 23:16  Inclusion is not transactional – think in terms of the whole person
  • 23:17 – 25:22  Being resourceful is being inclusive
  • 25:23 – 26:25  How unconscious bias plays into inclusivity
  • 26:26 – 27:34  The power of empathy and the impact of unconscious bias on it
  • 27:35 – 29:27  You must be curious
  • 29:28 – 31:27  Be inclusive takes courage too
  • 31:28 – 33:01  The Power of having diverse friends at work and in life
  • 33:02 – 38:58  Summary
  • 38:59 – 39:43  Close


SHRM article: Hire for Diversity

HBR article: A Data-Driven Approach to Hiring More Diverse Talent

BCG article: The Mix That Matters

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