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I help high-achieving businesspeople build a stronger foundation of intuitive leadership for yourself,  business, and team — especially when you are  frequently under pressure —  by utilizing practical, physical and spiritual methods in the workplace.

I know that successful leaders don’t need another business strategy — you need to stop seeking validation outside of yourself so you can trust yourself, your instincts, and own your unique value more holistically to be badass leader. My experience in developing thousands of professionals in leadership, intuition, and emotional intelligence for 15 years spans across the USA, Canada, and Australia — working with clients like BMW North America, Wesfarmers, and Alcoa.


I work with high-achieving businesswomen and men, like you.

You are already successful. There’s no doubt you are a savvy businessperson. You’ve reached a level of accomplishment that people consider impressive. But, you feel pulled in a million directions, stretched too thin and wish you could lead more powerfully under pressure.

Which is so frustrating because you’re really amazing at what you do and you’re even more effective when you trust your intuition, have peace of mind and own your inner power.

You’ve tried time management apps, read the latest leadership books or taken courses about effective communication, influence, productivity and team engagement but you just can’t seem to achieve a consistent level of executive presence and decisiveness.

Plus, you want to the ride the wave of empowerment and control so you are not always getting sucked into the current of chaos. Not to mention, the feeling of sinking in overwhelm wondering if all your sacrifices have been worth it. You’re tired of downing and wishing for a life-line.

You’ve hit the wall. Willing to do whatever it takes but this would be so much easier if you had direct, hands-on guidance from a coach who – just like you – have walked in your shoes; someone who’s already created what you desire and continues to walk the walk.

That way, you could be available mentally, emotionally and physically to those who matter most so that you are building deep, strong, and meaningful connections with them… and you thrive as a leader knowing you are more than enough at your core… And you have a successful career to boot!


I love this question. And the answer is I really don’t know yet. But I tell you what, if you’re willing to open your mind and make some fundamental shifts on your current journey, and you’re ready to quit over-thinking, wasting time, money and energy to figure this out by yourself, then we really should talk.


We thrive when we align ourselves with the right people who support us. A therapist will focus on your past. I’m all about helping you examine the present, discover the best roadmap for progress and take action to move into your new future of greater freedom and peace of mind. For over 15 years I’ve been a certified business coach by the International Coaching Federation. And I agree with how they describe the difference between Therapy and Coaching which says: Therapy deals with healing pain, dysfunction and conflict within an individual or in relationships. The focus is often on resolving difficulties arising from the past that hamper an individual’s emotional functioning in the present, improving overall psychological functioning, and dealing with the present in more emotionally healthy ways. Coaching, on the other hand, supports personal and professional growth based on self-initiated change in pursuit of specific actionable outcomes. These outcomes are linked to personal or professional success. Coaching is future focused. While positive feelings/emotions may be a natural outcome of coaching, the primary focus is on creating actionable strategies for achieving specific goals in one’s work or personal life. The emphases in a coaching relationship are on action, accountability, and follow through.


As a leader you are expected to make quick, quality decisions hourly or daily, and sometimes in the moment. Just like a first impression with little or ambiguous information.

There are several studies that show the use of rational thinking or analytical methods result in worse decisions. Why? Because no matter how many lists or graphs you can make, nothing compares to that first flash of feeling you get in your gut– your intuition. Research shows that our instincts often hit us first on a visceral level, telling us what we need to know well before our consciousness catches up.

No doubt, you need both rational decision-making and intuition in your mental toolbox. But studies show that when you ignore your intuition, decision quality drops.

Bottom line is… As you climb higher and higher up the ladder of success, as a leader, you are going to be expected to make more higher quality decisions with ambiguous or insufficient information that impact more people … at the drop of a hat.

You can’t afford to ignore or discount your intuition as a leader.

I’ve got good news for you… and it won’t come as a surprise to you. Despite all of your responsibilities and commitments pulling you in every direction…the primary reason you’re not tapping into your Intuition is YOU. Don’t be mad at yourself. You’re not doing it on purpose.

This is a solvable problem and my signature CORE 4 Method can help you break free of over-thinking and to feel more confident leveraging your intuition for higher quality decisions and a stronger impact.


The CORE 4 METHOD gives you the 4 key components in an 8-module group coaching program. During that time you will learn more about your intuition, your ability to trust your inner knowing and you’ll identify the steps that currently are your weakest link – we assess and explore the steps. We then identify your simple, straightforward strategy so that you can carry on after you exit the program. I can’t tell you how much success you’ll have during our time together, but I can tell you that your level of commitment to your happiness, your openness to being coached, your active participation and even your questions will directly correlate with your sustainable change and increase of leadership, freedom, and peace of mind in your business and life. In order to create the change you desire and deserve, the execution of your unique CORE 4 Road Map that we develop throughout the program is required – you have to show up for yourself a little every day. You’ll need to quit under-optimizing your time, energy and resources.


You bet! I love helping high-achieving professionals who are dealing with feeling overcommitted and unsatisfied yet are ready to embark on a personal journey from overthinking to become a more confident version of themselves — one who is resilient, has clear boundaries, and responds well under pressure. But we have to be a good fit. My clients may be frustrated or suffering on some level, but they aren’t comfortable being a victim and prefer being a victor. They have to have the courage to embark on this journey – they have to be ready to participate like a pro, not like an amateur. The CORE 4 METHOD is simple, but it takes work.


Absolutely! If you try my program for 30 days, follow through on your CORE 4 Roadmap AND you don’t receive value, you will get all of your money back. Let’s say you decide to continue doing it the old way, or your way. And months or years later you’re still living in overcommitment, more stressed, more fearful, less hopeful, having missed out on opportunities to achieve greater outcomes, you will have gained nothing and wasted a lot. But imagine – On the other hand, say you go out on a limb and you decide to embark on this journey with the CORE 4 METHOD. And after each month you’re more confident in your inner knowing, a bit happier, less anxious, less fearful, more energetic, more discerning, and more empowered, and your outlook is bigger and brighter, you have no regrets, you’ve gained many things… you can confidently say the program was a sound investment.


Nope. I am a lot of things, but a therapist or psychologist is not one of them. While I do have a Master’s degree in Applied Psychology, I am a speaker, coach and expert in Intuitive Leadership and High Performance for business leaders and entrepreneurs who want to build their intuitive intelligence and inner strength to become a more confident version of themselves — one who is resilient, has clear boundaries, and responds well under pressure. I’ve been Faculty for the Center for Creative Leadership for over 14 years. And have numerous professional certifications, such as: International Coaching Federation, Genos Emotional Intelligence, Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, FIRO-B, Kundalini Yoga, but my “street cred” comes from having been a burned out, over-thinking businesswoman as a corporate executive and entrepreneur for over 20 years. I’ve come out the other side of my over-commitment, over-stress and overwhelm. You can say I’ve developed my leadership from the inside out. And I’ve never been happier. To be clear, I’m not a therapist or psychologist, but I am an expert in the field of intuitive leadership, perhaps more importantly, I’m also a peer – I know what it’s like to be where you are right now. I’ve lived through the fear, the not knowing if I’ll ever fully trust myself, the anxiety, the stress, the over-thinking, the moodiness, the anger, the sleepless nights, the weight gain, the embarrassment and the jealousy, the loneliness as well as the frustration of not knowing what makes it worse.


Walt Disney said, “Let me tell you something about life…always finish what you start, and anything worth doing is worth doing well.” This program doesn’t require a huge investment of your time. We take it step by step, most of the program can be done at your own pace. However, I’ll be there keeping you on track until you finish what you start, and I’ll be there to remind you why it’s in your best interest to maximize your time and effort throughout the program.


Oh goodness no. I am a recovering control freak. I want you to be in the driver’s seat of this journey. With that said, if you have a habit of always needing to be in control – we’ll see … how’s that workin’ for you? You’ll laugh, you’ll learn but I’ll warn you – inevitably my clients realize that freedom and peace of mind truly resides in the ability to let go. And true change happens from the inside out. Everyone experiences and accesses intuition differently. What you need is different than what someone else needs. So the strategy we put in place is entirely dependent upon where you start and where you want your journey to go. I don’t mind sharing that my clients have told me that they are more empowered since starting my program AND they’ve admitted to me that they didn’t think they could feel freedom, courageous, and peace of mind again – they didn’t know it was possible.


Enrollment in the CORE 4 METHOD Coaching Program is designed to follow my signature 4-step method in 6 months. You’ll join me in an incredible, 12-module journey. But this is not a cookie-cutter program that requires you to do any work you’re not ready for. Instead, we’ll custom build a CORE 4 Roadmap for you based on your goals, pace and priorities. We only allow 10 clients bi-annually so periodically we have a waitlist.


The investment in your personal development and well-being is a four-figure investment that I’m happy to share if you are interested in working with me and are serious about improving the quality of your leadership, business, and life.


First, you don’t even know how much it is yet : )~ Second, there’s an opportunity cost to living in burnout. Justin Wolfers, an economist who teaches at The Wharton School, and frequently contributes to the Freakonomics Blog, has discussed the opportunity cost of training for a marathon. I’ll summarize his economics of running (you substitute running for learning the CORE 4 METHOD)… The time I spend running is time I don’t spend doing something else (sitting on the couch, sitting at my desk, shopping, you get what I’m saying). So how do I choose to spend my time (which by the way is a limited and precious resource)? Economic theory tells us that you only engage in that activity only as long as it yields greater benefits than the alternative. Each hour you spend running, is an hour you don’t spend doing something else. Although his economics on running is kind of tongue and cheek, he argues that running, despite its high opportunity cost, is still worth it. And I love this quote from Robin Sharma, a Canadian writer and motivational speaker, known for his The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari book series which says: says: “Investing in yourself is the best investment you will ever make. It will not only improve your life, it will improve the lives of all those around you.”


The return on your investment (ROI) is priceless. In fact, in addition to saving you money (learning the hard way and countless quick-fixes that don’t work), you improve areas in your career, business and life that over-thinking has negatively impacted (sleep, weight, relationships, your mental and emotional health). Your journey to intuitive leadership, when not executed correctly, will ultimately be an expense in terms of time, money and so much more, which at the end of the day exceeds the investment in the CORE 4 METHOD. I coached a woman who had worked with a couple therapists, trainers and experts but still was over-committed, burned out and overwhelmed. She attended workshops, read books, tried meditation, but got little if any lasting relief. She could put a price on all of those things. What she couldn’t put a price on was the damage her over-stress was inflicting on her mental and emotional health, her relationship with her husband, her children and grandkids, and her involvement in her church and in her community. Here are trends I’ve seen with my clients over the past 15 years: (1) Less time with negative people means more time being productive (2) More resilience means less rebound time and less time stuck in resistance or overwhelm. (3) Before personal development, many men and women have a scarcity mindset. When you learn to believe in your inner knowing, the greater good and change the way you think then everything changes – you see new possibilities, take more mindful risks and seize opportunities. (4) It’s all about progress. That’s it. You make one small change per day towards your vision and then you take action. Because the action you take is aligned with your vision it often requires almost no thought. The lack of thought comes from trusting yourself and learning not to over-think. As you start to see results, guess what? It’s addictive. You become addicted to progress.


Just schedule a call with me to save a spot on my calendar. When you schedule, there is a short Q&A to fill out. This will give me a good idea of where you are on your journey. If I believe I can help you by sharing a few resources, I will send them to you and cancel our call. Otherwise, I’ll come prepared for our call with a customized strategy to share with you and you’ll have my undivided attention.

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