If you are thinking that work-life balance is a BIG FAT LIE you’re going to love this week’s video blog.  Woooohoooo!

This week’s More Than ENOUGH Monday Mindset theme is …  Inner Alignment.

In my experience, working with thousands of high-achieving, people-pleasing businesswomen… the imperfect problem with “work-life balance” is the tendency for perfectionism.

When you attempt perfectionism the needs of others at work and home take priority.

You want to get it JUST right … fit it ALL in.

But you can’t when you’re trying to stuff 20 pounds of potatoes in a 5 pound bag!

Yaknowaddamean, jellybean?

God forbid you have a messy life where things are falling through the cracks.

And here’s the kicker!!!

Striving for work-life balance … chances are … you’re absent from the equation and you look outside of yourself to be liked and get approval.

I’ve discovered a more self-honoring, vision-focused and better way!

When you’re grounded in WORK-LIFE ALIGNMENT …. your needs, priorities and what brings you joy ARE the focus of this equation.

It’s living powerfully from inside out.

It actually takes commitment and hard work.  It’s worth it… and so are you.

Click here to watch this short video it now.