In times of crisis and stress, one of the most important things you can do is to ground yourself as this will help you feel calm, peaceful, and centered, even if there is chaos all around you. Grounding through meditation is crucial when you find yourself lacking energy, experiencing anxiety, or feeling spacey with distracted energy. While these are normal human reactions to uncertainty, we can subside these feelings by rooting ourselves with meditation. 

This Kundalini meditation is known as the ‘Ego Eradicator’ and is often used to quiet and calm the mind. Think of this meditation, as a turn off switch for your brain. Incorporating this meditation into your practice will help you learn how to switch off the chatter in your mind when you need it most. The benefits of the Ego Eradicator include: stress reduction, increased emotional and mental clarity, heightened feelings of peacefulness and calm, increased energetic awareness, and improved health. While I’m not a doctor or medical professional (this is not to be interpreted as medical advice) meditation has been used to boost mental and physical health for 5,000+ years.

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