Ready to open your heart chakra and strengthen your connections? We will do this by meditating while chanting the mantra Humee Hum Brahm Hum and practicing the Lotus Flower mudra which represents purity and cultivates inner strength. We end with a breathing exercise and a minute of sitting in silence.

This powerful meditation can be short or long, but I recommend building up over time.

The heart is much like a lotus flower as it sits on the surface of water, opening for the sun’s light while its roots hold strong in the muddy water below. Humee Hum Brahm Hum helps to remove inner conflicts that may be standing in your way. When you open heart, you invite in growth as you strengthen your relationship with others, yourself and the world around you.

As Yogi Bhajan said, “When a man or a woman is prosperous, there is that radiance of security, grace, depth, character, and truthfulness, which that person can share. Like a candle emits light, a prosperous human emits prosperity.”

Here are the two amazing mantra recordings I mentioned in the video:

  1. Humee Hum · Guru Singh with Seal & Friends Game of Chants ℗ 2001 Spirit Voyage Records LISTEN HERE
  2. Remove Inner Conflicts (Humee Hum Brahm Hum) · Aykanna Light in the Darkness: Meditations for Transformation ℗ 2016 Spirit Voyage Records LISTEN HERE

Sat Nam.