Letting Go| Release & Recharge Support Call REPLAY 11.18.02

Discover how to release the habit of ATTACHMENT (holding on) or AVERSION (pushing away) when it comes to the goals, dreams, and success you really want. It’s driven by fear. We all do this subconsciously and that’s the problem. Based on the Sedona Method, I walk you through a step by step method so you can notice the pattern and eliminate it for good.

With that in mind, ATTACHMENT can show up when you:

  • Have a strong desire for a deal to go through or a project to be successful or relationship to work
  • Want an outcome so badly to show up exactly the way you envision it and block other options
  • Crave something or someone so much you can’t stop thinking of them at it gets in the way

So to give more context about AVERSION, it can look like you:

  • Avoid or ignore a person or situation at all costs
  • Repulsed by a topic or kind of work that you dodge it no matter what
  • Push down negative or unpleasant thoughts and emotions into the back of your mind

The key takeaway here is to realize that we get stuck in wanting things — either as ATTACHMENTS with wanting to hold on or AVERSIONS wanting them to go away. It’s like a tug-of-war in our mind. As Lester Levenson said, “You can have anything you want, providing you first let go of wanting it.”

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