You have more white-space on your calendar, quality time with those who matter most, and fulfillment in all areas of your life!

I can help you break the cycle of over-commitment, burnout and blame.

That way, you can end the struggle of never doing, having or being enough and realize that you are MORE THAN ENOUGH!

You are already successful. There’s no doubt you are a savvy businesswoman. You’ve reached a level of accomplishment that people consider impressive. But, you feel pulled in a million directions, stretched too thin and wish you could simplify your life.

Which is so frustrating because you’re really amazing at what you do and you’re even more effective powerful when you have peace of mind and own your power.

You’ve tried yoga, meditation, time management apps. You’ve read the latest self-help books or taken courses about work-life balance, productivity and prioritization. But, at your core, you still don’t feel like you have enough, do enough, or are enough.

Plus, you want to the ride the wave of empowerment and control so you are not always getting sucked into the current of chaos. Not to mention, the feeling of sinking in overwhelm wondering if all your sacrifices have been worth it. You’re tired of downing and wishing for a life-line.

You’ve hit the wall. Willing to do whatever it takes but this would be so much easier if you had direct, hands-on guidance from a coach who – just like you – has walked in your pumps; someone who’s already created what you desire and continues to walk the walk.

That way, you could be available emotionally and physically to those who matter most so that you are building deep, strong, and meaningful connections with them… and you live your life knowing you are more than enough at your core… Plus, let’s not forget, you have a successful career to boot!

I am thrilled you’re here because I help burned out businesswomen set and keep strong boundaries so you can stop feeling guilty, resentful and pulled in a million directions.

For 15 years I’ve used my background in coaching and Applied Psychology to help executives heal from burnout for good… and live their best and most purposeful life.

My coaching approach creates a safe space for you to let down your “I have it all together persona” and just be who you ARE.

Working together you’ll feel understood, seen, heard, respected, challenged, elevated, and acknowledged.  I was once an unhappy, people-pleasing, and burned out executive too — until I discovered the root cause of my pain and learned how to heal myself from the inside out.

And that’s what is here for you too.

We can take this journey step by step…
here’s what it looks like….

I have a program called, the MORE THAN ENOUGH METHOD designed to help you stop working so much and enjoy your life again. When we work together you will tap into that powerful, effective, inner leader people respond to. You will learn how to stop being ruled by fear and be more present in relationships. You no longer wait for “someday” to OWN the success you’ve achieved thus far.

Awareness, Accountability, Authenticity, Alignment, Affluence

  • AWARENESS – Know your strengths and burnout blind spots to build inner leadership so you can stop people pleasing, let go of old habits and patterns and gain clarity
  • ACCOUNTABILITY – Set and keep strong boundaries to break the victim-cycle and become radically self-reliant so you can have more time with friends and family
  • AUTHENTICITY – Stop proving your worth and own your value to be seen, heard and respected without the guilt so you can pamper yourself guilt-free
  • ALIGNMENT – Communicate effectively to strengthen your relationships, build trust, prevent conflicts and heal pain so you live with inner alignment in all areas of your life
  • AFFLUENCE – Live a life with more meaning & purpose and a successful career to boot!

Who this is for:

  • High-achieving businesswomen who are currently employed and ready for a change.
  • Someone who no longer wants to be held hostage by work
  • A woman who seeks fulfillment and leads with integrity and excellence

Who this is NOT for:

  • People who have a fixed mindset and are resistant to change.
  • Anyone who is clinging to a victim mindset
  • Women who are not willing to walk their talk

Enrollment in the More Than Enough Method Coaching Program only allows 10 clients per year. You’ll join me in an incredible, one-on-one action-packed 12-module journey. But this is not a cookie-cutter program that requires you to do any work you’re not ready for. Instead, we’ll custom build a roadmap for you based on your goals and priorities.

Step One:

Fill in the MORE THAN ENOUGH Method application here.

Step Two:

Schedule an interview with me at the end of your application and take the Anatomy of Burnout Assessment to obtain your profile.

Step Three:

If accepted into this exclusive program, you’ll confirm your spot and begin your tuition payment plan.

Step Four:

Complete your MORE THAN ENOUGH Method prep work and get ready to roll.