Do you realize in the US alone we spend ten times more on our cosmetics than we do on our emotional, spiritual or personal development?

I’m NOT actually concerned about your under-eye concealer, foundation or blush… or suggesting to go a day without make-up to experience you’re amazing without it.

But it does make me wonder why we cover up the truth of who we are.

You know there are more ways than one we “cover up” as women.

My client, Lucy, realized she was MORE THAN ENOUGH just the way she was when she:

  • Asked for a new role at work that really utilize her true talents
  • Stopped nodding her head when she didn’t agree
  • Gave the tough and honest feedback to her peer
  • Accepted herself and her “flaws” and took 100% responsibility for her ENOUGHNESS.
I’m sharing this personal and short video with you because I want you to be the most  successful businesswoman and leader you can be — for you and your team in this week’s video blog. 




Enjoy this week’s MORE THAN ENOUGH Monday Mindset!