It’s time to reduce stress and increase your productivity!

Is your leadership style linked to your productivity during prolonged stress?

You betcha!

I was fortunate to be a podcast guest speaker on All Things Telesales with host, Jake Lynn. Because leadership and productivity is critical during these times I provided valuable insights and practical strategies. That way you will experience real relief from the pandemic fatigue and brain fog that’s impacting your ability to focus and get things done.

During this podcast you’ll discover:

  • Your leadership strengths can be like kryptonite for your team if you over-use them and what to do instead to increase productivity
  • If you like to take charge to get things under control but realize we’re living in ambiguous, volatile and uncertain times, you CAN take control with 3 key habits
  • Thoughts and feelings change but your conscious awareness is who you are, you are the awareness of your thoughts so leverage that to your advantage
  • When you find yourself pushing too hard to get things done, you can stop being so hard on yourself and release the pressure that’s getting in your way

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Jake Lynn is an expert when it comes to sales and his podcast, All Things Telesales is award-winning. Be sure to visit Jake’s site for more amazing podcast episodes HERE.