Release & Recharge


Do you feel more stressed out or anxious than usual about the future?

Is it hard sleeping at night because you’re ruminating about problems with your business, relationships, or career?

Or do you wish that you could just STOP your mind from running in circles about issues that are out of your control?

If you can relate to this I want you to know that you’re not alone, it’s not your fault, a lot of these challenges are formed due to false programming and I help liberate you from these false beliefs.

Most of us use fear-based self-talk to drive us to accomplish things in our businesses and life. But eventually, that can cause over-stress or burnout and cannot be sustained over long periods of time. That’s why you see high level executives suffer from burnout all the time. So we get anxious, want to fix the situation, make reactive decisions and that leads to a lot of regret.

I’ve been there and know it doesn’t have to be that way…

After all, I know how you feel… I’ve been in your shoes. I’m Judi Glova, an expert in Intuitive Leadership and executive coach.  After years of struggling with burnout, the anxiety of perfectionism, and the feeling over-responsibility associated with people-pleasing made me realize I had lost myself in my job and my relationships to the point where I had panic attacks. This is when I realized I needed more tools and had to ask for help. So, I made it my life’s mission to research and implement everything that works to create a solid core of confidence in myself and learn everything I could about leadership from the inside out.

Soon after I completed my Masters in Spiritual Psychology and I integrated that learning into my life, my clients began to have amazing breakthroughs because I could coach them to let go of what was no longer serving them.

My clients saw results like:

  • They began to have confidence in their leadership and released the anxiety around self-doubt.
  • Increased productivity with their teams through positive influence rather than driving fear or micromanaging.
  • Developed healthy boundaries by communicating their authentic values which freed them from people-pleasing behaviors.

A lot of the clients I work with had the same issue. They believed they had to be in control and know all the answers. Unfortunately, they had no idea that their old, false programming was running their lives and causing all their pain — causing tremendous fear, stress, and anxiety.

This is why I created the RELEASE & RECHARGE Support Calls. With new strategies you can tap into inner-strength you never thought possible. The goal with this call is to help you feel more effective in your business, feel calm through the storm, and more grounded with certainty. 

By using these methods many of my clients became so excited because they found themselves increasing their income, improving their relationships and moving beyond limiting beliefs!

Are you ready to let go of what is no longer serving you?

Join me in this 30-minute support call, where I’ll share with you one of the biggest secrets of what WORKS when becoming an intuitive leader
and what doesn’t.

Here’s what we’ll accomplish with our time together:

  • Group releases that are similar to guided meditations that take you step-by-step through questions that assist you in letting go based on the Sedona Method.
  • And an opportunity to get one-on-one assistance with a specific challenge you’re facing.
  • A chance to have your questions answered to deepen your understanding or gain greater confidence with the method.
  • How to be an intuitive leader who is agile so that you become more comfortable with uncertainty, ambiguity, and change plus the benefit of less perfectionism.



“Judi will challenge you, elevate your career, and lift you up as a human being. Through my work with Judi, I have noticed dramatic changes in my life. I am truly a better businesswoman and person.

Julianna Jacobs

Senior Manager, Fortune 100 company

“Judi is an exceptional coach to work with. Over the past years Judi has given me invaluable insights into corporate management situations. I really love working with Judi not only as an executive coach, but also the warm person that she is. As an executive coach, Judi earns my highest recommendation.

Dr. Jan Urbahn

Legal, Senior Manager Safety & Compliance at Lyft, Lyft

“Judi has been a fantastic cheerleader for me when I needed it, pushed me to dream and accomplish more than I expected of myself. She has a whole-person approach that reinforces that good leadership starts from within and influences how you show up. I highly recommend Judi as a personal/professional coach if you're ready to be held accountable and grow!"  

Carrie Neumann

Senior Director Field Diversity & Inclusion/Leadership Development, Northwestern Mutual

“Judi helped me – both professionally and personally - identify my blind spots, she helped to reveal the areas in my belief systems that had long-held me hostage in their grip. She helped me find the courage to acknowledge and accept all of who I am – and to allow myself to consider all that I am capable of accomplishing. I don’t know how she does it – but I’m certainly glad she does, because it works. Judi’s adept and thoughtful coaching made it – by far – the most efficacious personal and professional development gift I could have ever given myself."


Vice President, Human Resources & Co-Chief Diversity Officer , OUTFRONT Media

“Judi sees and brings out the personal best in anyone. What I personally appreciate and continue to gain from her is the ability to 'wake me up' to the root of an issue, quickly see it, and set boundaries for myself vs others - and this is through a lens of compassion and integrity."

Beth Newman

Account Group Director at BBH Group, OUTFRONT Media

Judi Glova

Hi, I’m Judi Glova. For more than 15 years I’ve been a speaker, trainer and executive coach.

I help leaders and entrepreneurs to become intuitive, influential leaders of change. Together we co-create powerful outcomes through savvy & mindful communication, strategic agility, confident decision-making and positive conflict resolution training and coaching.

These strategies inspire my clients to be more effective leaders who are aligned and motivated to make an impact and create outcomes greater than themselves, while simultaneously achieving their business and personal objectives.

Unlocking this essential level of influence allows you to tap into your unshakeable belief in their own personal potential. Additionally, it provides an understanding into your ability to operate at a higher state of consciousness and to define success on your own terms. All of this is deep within us but, we have been taught to hide it for years.