“I have to be honest… [insert long pregnant pause]… I have a leaky bucket!”

​​​​​​Those were the words Donna spoke during our coaching session right before she got honest with herself about her wishy-washy boundaries — also known as a “leaky bucket” — which resulted in her being burned out, resentful and anxious, AGAIN.

Donna, a super savvy businesswoman, has been lying to herself… BIG TIME… for a while now.

She says she sets clear boundaries but continues to allow her colleagues, friends and family to dump their problems on her and suck the life out of her.

Sound familiar?

Bottom line:  You must not only set up clear agreements with them BUT you must keep the same agreements with yourself.  

Don’t get leaky!

Not to worry I’ve got a better way.

I’ll teach you the same powerful EQ skill called the 3-I Process I taught Donna.

You’ll be able to set and keep clearer boundaries with others and YOURSELF so you don’t have wishy-washy boundaries or a leaky bucket.

PLUS you’ll prevent over-commitment and resentment and have more clarity, certainty and peace of mind.  Aaaaaaaah!

In this video you’ll get the deets.


Enjoy this week’s MORE THAN ENOUGH Monday Mindset!