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Power of Intuition: Forgotten Leadership Law That Top Leaders Leverage

In this session attendees discover how to fine-tune their intuition and discernment of red flags and greens lights to
be the most effective decision-maker they are meant to be.
A decision maker who is seen, heard and respected by
those they lead.

Attendees will learn how to:

• Trust their intuition with discernment and choose how to respond and act in spite of their fears

•  Understand and remove the “choosing confusion” factor so they can get present and anticipate the road ahead to become more effective decision-makers and leaders

• Improve the quality of their decisions and make decisions faster using the “green light, red flag strategy”

The Cornerstone of Sustainable Success From the Inside Out: Intuitive Leadership

Judi demonstrates that leadership is not about DOING but BEING. To BE a great leader one must leverage their authenticity and innate wisdom to facilitate the best possible outcome for the company, projects, and teams that they lead.

Attendees will learn how to:

• Understand how to identify and leverage their inherent leadership advantages to influence more effectively

• Increase their ability to confidently assess and act in any situation

• Discover how to achieve more sustainable progress without having to drive hard for results

Using her CORE 4 Method, Judi helps business leaders and entrepreneurs who are feeling overcommitted and unsatisfied build their intuitive intelligence and inner strength to become a more confident version of themselves — one who is resilient, has clear boundaries, and responds well under pressure.
Judi knows that successful leaders don’t need another business strategy — they need to stop seeking validation outside of themselves so they can trust themselves, their instincts, and own their unique value more holistically to be badass leaders. Her experience in developing thousands of professionals in leadership, intuition, and emotional intelligence for 15 years spans across the USA, Canada, and Australia.

Judi engages her audiences with true-life stories, hands-on learning and practical solutions that allow them to take intentional action to see results right away.

Speaker Reel


Spanning Silo

Catalyze Your Team’s Productivity, Inclusion & Innovation

CORE 4 Method

Ignite Your Inner Strength to Maximize Your Outer Results

Sacred Success Course

Meditation for Intuitive Leaders In Business

“Whether she’s facilitating or lecturing a group of leaders, she engages and challenges them to anticipate the road ahead — to play a ‘bigger game’. That way they apply what they’ve learned immediately in their business… I recommend her as a speaker.”

Nancy Haller

Senior Faculty, Center for Creative Leadership

“Judi engaged everyone as we learned about our personal leadership styles and how it was impacting the dynamic of our team. I continue to hear Judi in my head…about how important it is for me to support my team to gain alignment across the organization to really be effective.”

Jacques Vanier

President, Alcoa Forgings & Extrusions

“Participants left inspired to strengthen their leadership effectiveness through improved interpersonal communication, engaging across the silos of the organization, and practicing savvier influence with key stakeholders… I saw first hand how Judi served as an important catalyst for their ongoing development as executive leaders.”

Patricia O'Conner

General Manager, Wesfarmers

Kundalini Yoga | Meditation for Miracles | Guru Ram Das Mantra

https://youtu.be/VpDOsZzcpao Chant to bring healing to the mind, body and spirit with the Miracle Mantra of Guru Ram Das. This 3 minute Kundalini meditation will help you strip away stress, overwhelm, insecurities and bring you through the darkest times so you can...

Letting Go| Release & Recharge Support Call REPLAY 9.2.20

https://youtu.be/pktsLLojPC4 Let go so you can release and recharge to be at your best. Here is the REPLAY from the September 2, 2020 support call and the theme is LETTING GO of SUFFERING and STRUGGLE. This guided meditation, based on the Sedona Method , will help you...

Diversity & Inclusion Interview Series: Tangible Benefits On Business

https://youtu.be/Nlvk1CtG1lw Diversity & Inclusion Interview Series: Tangible Benefits on Business Each interview in this interview series includes the BASICs, WHYs AND HOWs regarding diversity and inclusion. So often when we hear the words “diversity and...

Diversity & Inclusion Interview Series: Talking About Unconscious Bias

https://youtu.be/wTbN9Gf3KEY Diversity & Inclusion Interview Series: Talking About Unconscious Bias Each interview in this series includes the BASICs, WHYs AND HOWs regarding diversity and inclusion. When we hear the words “diversity and inclusion” we think of...

Kundalini Yoga: Meditation for Overcoming Apathy and Depression

https://youtu.be/_YiOnd1UdDQ Kundalini Yoga: Meditation for Overcoming Apathy and Depression If you notice... You feel like you're fighting against yourself?You're experiencing a lot of impatience, drama, or internal pressure?You feel cut off from your motivation,...

3 Tools to Help You Pivot Your Business During a Pandemic

https://youtu.be/7elTIqHKjNk What does it take to pivot in business? Intuitive leaders know when it comes to making a pivot -- it’s an inside out job. For this to happen, internal shifts need to happen first. That means there's a time to:  Pause for...

Reduce Stress & Increase Productivity | Podcast Interview

https://youtu.be/lkFDNHBXEjo It's time to reduce stress and increase your productivity! Is your leadership style linked to your productivity during prolonged stress? You betcha! I was fortunate to be a podcast guest speaker on All Things Telesales with host, Jake...

Letting Go | Release & Recharge Support Call Replay | 7.1.2020

https://youtu.be/RGPsK-AFofk Let go using the Sedona Method. ~ July 1, 2020 ~Today's support call theme is LETTING GO TO EXPERIENCE MORE FREEDOM. This guided meditation will help you release thoughts and emotions like fear, anxiety, control, stress, grief, judgement,...

Kundalini Meditation to Make the Impossible Possible | Gan Puttee Kriya

https://youtu.be/1-C0--P6_js Clear blocks and heal yourself with the Gan Putee Kriya meditation. This 11 minute Kundalini meditation will help you strip away self doubt and remove negativity from your life so you can create a more positive tomorrow. For this practice...

Building Your Personal Brand & Own Your Intuitive Leadership

https://youtu.be/AL_8PnH9SGI Today, we will build your personal brand as you tap into your inner wisdom as an Intuitive Leader. End the struggle to own your power and break the mental chatter that feeds the imposter syndrome. Learn how to tap into your inner knowing...

Unlock Your Brain’s Potential By Breaking These 5 Habits

https://youtu.be/6oaoJZm_Cjw Are you ready to maximize the power of your mind? With a few simple steps you can increase your mental clarity, creativity, concentration, and memory while reaching your true potential. Today, I’m going to guide you in breaking five bad...

7 Steps To Reboot Your Leadership Skills In 2020

7 Steps To Reboot Your Leadership Skills In 2020 https://youtu.be/GZF8llIBOpc Much like our world, leadership skills & behaviors are evolving … for the better! Over the years, leadership has transformed from a very rigid and hierarchical idea of what a leader is...

Intuitive Leadership Styles

What kind of leader are you? https://vimeo.com/339636763/8b5032e42a Don’t you want to be an intentional leader and harness your innate business wisdom on a daily basis?  You can achieve conscious confidence, powerful discernment, and more effective influence...

Diversity & Inclusion Interview Series: Microaggressions In The Workplace

https://youtu.be/jLUV8NvDHOg Today, my guest, Roshaunda Green, is going to help you understand microaggressions in the workplace.  She is a subject matter expert in Diversity and Inclusion with over 10 years of corporate experience in this field. Each interview in...