We’re doing something special TODAY… to help you understand more about your health & well-being our special guest, Christie Miller, will be sharing her wisdom, stories, and tools for transformation to practice burnout-busting habits.

Today’s Topic:  Beyond Stress to Health & Wellbeing!

Who is Christie, you ask?

Chrisitie Miller is a certified Personal Trainer and Fitness Nutrition Specialist through the American Council on Exercise and a certified Life Coach. She earned my Bachelor of Science in Business Administration and Juris Doctorate, both from the University of Southern California. She had successful careers as a Financial Analyst, Corporate Attorney, Interior Designer, and LA County Sheriff before discovering her true passion: motivating and coaching people who want to make meaningful changes in their lives.

Join us if you want to…

1. Gain new insights about how stress impacts your health & well-being to make powerful shifts for yourself!

2. Learn from an expert in the field of health & well-being to make new empowering choices that impact your body, mind & soul so you can live with more vitality.

3.Take advantage of outstanding new tools so you can and take control of your transformation.

4. Participate in the challenge to practice & earn points for the Grand Prize.

​​​​​​​It’s part of our 5-Day Challenge….Wooohooooo.

We’re calling it From Stressed Out to Fired Up!

Check out the video, here!