Are you ready to become the Influential Intuitive Leader you are meant to be?

The time is now for you to stop DOING leadership and start BEING a leader from the inside out!



I Work With

You strive to be a servant leader & have a hard time saying “no” to more responsibility without guilt.
You’re great at leveraging your talents yet often compare yourself to others & look outside yourself for happiness.
You love to take charge, have a hard time delegating, and often feel frustrated when things aren’t done your way.
You love to be the expert and problem-solver but struggle with being a leader who doesn’t have to know all the answers.
You strive for more and more achievement as a leader but feel trapped by the routine of management.

Meet Judi


Are you ready to claim your intuitive leadership so that you can be seen, heard and respected by those you lead or face your challenges, even under pressure? I’ve helped high-achieving executives, like you, all over the world.


Don’t you want to be an intentional leader and harness your innate business wisdom on a daily basis? You can achieve conscious confidence, powerful discernment, and more. The time of the intuitive leaders is NOW.


Judi engages her audiences with true-life stories, hands on learning and practical solutions that allow them to take intentional action to see results right away.

I’m Judi Glova, intuitive leader, speaker, executive coach and trainer.  For the past 15 years I’ve been helping business leaders tap into their innate business wisdom on a daily basis so they can achieve powerful discernment, conscious confidence, more effective influence because you are not only a trailblazer but a bricklayer for the path of women and men behind you.


Being a high-achieving executive means being on the top of your game, trying to juggle multiple priorities, and stepping outside the boundaries of your comfort zone daily. It’s an exciting place to be, but not without its challenges.

From the outside, you face complexity, ambiguity, conflicts, judgment, and insane amounts of pressure. But the single greatest challenge you’ll ever face as a businessperson is what’s happening inside of your own head, heart, and soul. You know it’s time to not just reprioritize but also do something about it if you experience:

  • Burnout, frustration, or fatigue
  • Overwhelm, indecisiveness, or anxiety
  • Isolated or inauthentic
  • Mental fog, confusion, or lack of direction
  • Creative blocks or mysteriously slow progress
  • Feeling empty, uninspired, or unfulfilled

I Have a Solution

Are you seeking to harness your skills so that you can be seen, heard, and respected not only in your professional community but also in your boardroom? Then this is where you are meant to be. Together we will work to hone your intuitive leadership skills, and uncover the weak points that keep you stuck so you can summon your willingness and courage to rise up to face your challenges even under pressure. Real change happens when you heal the root cause – which is a lack of connection to your intuition and self-belief  — both of which help you leverage the ability to anticipate the road ahead so you can embrace your sacred success. The rise of the intuitive leader is now.
Judi has been a fantastic cheerleader for me when I needed it, pushed me to dream and accomplish more than I expected of myself, has a strategic, growth perspective AND can also break strategies into bite-size, accomplishable steps. She has a whole-person approach that reinforces that good leadership starts from within and influences how you show up. Her ability to pivot in the moment and bring different perspectives & tools based on where you are that day is amazing. I highly recommend Judi as a personal/professional coach if you’re ready to be held accountable and grow!
Carrie Neumann

Senior Director Field Diversity & Inclusion/Leadership Development, Northwestern Mutual

I Can Help You

  • Embrace your intuitive leadership and feel comfortable in your own skin because you know what you want
  • Harness your inner knowing when facing challenges and ambiguity so you can persevere even when the pressure is on
  •  Connect to a strong sense of who you are so you have the confidence and clarity to be the influencer you really want to be
  • Claim the mind-space and time to pursue your passions so that you can grow and make a contribution to something bigger than yourself
  • Value your personal approval more than the approval of others so decisions begin with pleasing you
  • Experience more white-space in your life so you can exhale, have more peace of mind and fulfillment in all areas of your business and life
  • Gain personal development to take you deeper and more expansive instead of just climbing the ladder